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About Australia Courier Service

"Australia is not just on the other side of the world, it's a vast stretch of land, nearly 32 times the size of the UK. When you send packages to Australia, they have to travel at least 8,600 miles - and may still have to go much further before arriving at their destination.

Many UK residents may have relatives or loved ones who live on the other side of the world in Australia or New Zealand, whilst we can phone them at a more expensive rate than usual itÆs possible that, for birthdays and other events, weÆd still like to send them gifts.

At we take such distances in our stride. We can deliver packages to Australia in 3-4 days, and this service extends right across the country. So whether your package to Australia is destined for Sydney or Perth, will get it there for you in good time. Considering the size and number of destinations in Australia, you might expect a complex pricing system. WeÆve deliberately avoided this by keeping our pricing simple.

If someone we know is travelling there it may be possible to get them to take the item with them, but in many cases where the gift may be a large parcel itÆs not really feasible. In this case you would be looking at sending the item via a courier or postal service. has managed to provide such great service that it has become the number one parcel delivery service within the UK. By managing to secure exclusive discounts, can even offer you better postage prices than if you were to go to the couriers themselves.

If you do your part to make sure the item is well packed then you can be sure that will do their best to find a suitable courier that will quickly send your parcel in a suitable time frame.

Choose the next time you need to send a package to Australia. Once you experience the service, you won't go anywhere else." works with major international courier

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