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About France Courier Service

"When you use to deliver your packages to France, you can be sure they'll arrive at their destinations in 1-2 working days. So whether you're sending packages to Paris, Lyon or any other destination in France, you can look forward to prompt and efficient delivery.

DHL backs up this service with a free online track system, enabling you to monitor your parcelÆs progress at every step of the journey - from collection to delivery. We offer this service because we have complete confidence that with , your package to France is in the hands of the best international courier service around.

We believe in providing a combination of speed and efficiency. This is vital if you're in business, and such high standards of delivery don't even come at a premium price. has developed a system for sending packages to France that keeps down your delivery costs and makes it clear exactly what you have to pay - instantly.

Simply use our parcel delivery prices guide. All you have to do is to weigh your parcel and check the price against the relevant weight category. Finding out the cost to send your package to France really is that easy.

Book early for a collection today or, if you prefer, you can arrange a collection for up to 5 days ahead. This flexibility removes all the hard work from sending packages to France.

Use now. Sending packages to France has never been easier or better value." works with major international courier

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